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I'm so glad you'd like to know more about Coaching Mastery Certification!
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This is more than a coaching certification program. It's a life-changing experience...
It's about becoming more than just a coach. It's about learning when to teach, mentor, consult and coach so your clients get the best results. This strategy allows you to create a powerful, lasting impact so your clients can experience the changes that they want to see using tactical, strategic methods that work.

You'll have ALL the skills you need to create transformational experiences for your clients, build a great reputation AND a successful coaching business that you love!

But right now, it all feels like a far off fantasy.

Right now, you're feeling frustrated. Maybe you're thinking of reasons you can't make this happen. Maybe you’re even starting to panic.

You're wondering if you'll ever get to a place where you have a steady stream of ideal clients knocking on your virtual door instead of enduring that neverending, painfully slow process of looking for clients...

You're wondering if you'll ever achieve your monthly income goals WITHOUT having to sacrifice your peace of mind, your personal wellbeing and ALL of your time...

I know what you're going through...
I can tell you all about the fun activities and relaxing weekends you're giving up because you’re working on your business while people are out having fun.
The countless times you say, “no” when you want to say yes to yourself and the ones you love...

The sleepless nights, the anxiety and self-doubt, the crushing exhaustion…

I know all of this because I was there once too.

I worked pretty much all day and all night when I first started my business because I was tied to my full-time job while I worked on my business, on the side.

It was one of the most difficult times in my life and I don’t want any other woman to have to go through what I did….

If I had done a few things differently at the start, my life would have been so much easier (even with a full-time job to go to!)

Don't get me wrong, there is a cost to greatness and nobody gets there for free.

However there are effective ways and there are slow, painful ways.

My mission is to help you (and every single person in my community) to get there faster with results that crush the average.
I call that process the Evergreen Model™
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The Evergreen Model™ is the proprietary step-by-step formula and the exact strategy that I’ve used to help my clients build highly successful, consistently profitable businesses (and go beyond the million dollar revenue mark in my It Girl Academy).
Business Mastery Certification is a unique, program designed especially for high-achieving women.

This powerful, results-driven program unveils the ins and outs of online marketing in a way that is easy to understand. You’ll also receive guidance that makes it even easier to implement.
I’m talking about step-by-step strategies, critical high performance tools and 80/20 techniques that will create the ease, the income and impact that you’re looking for in your business.

All of this is based on my own results and on the results that I’ve helped scores of clients achieve (I’ve worked with some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the online world for over 5 years).

So everything you learn in Business Mastery Certification isn’t just a bunch of theoretical projections or ideas with no basis…every strategy, tool and technique inside the program has been tested and proven to work.
You’ll do this by maximizing the power of marketing automation, paired with the immense reach of the internet, to find customers and clients - the types of qualified clients who will purchase your products, programs and services everyday, using my proven Evergreen Model™.
There are literally millions and millions of people spending money on the internet.

We will position you to take advantage of this growing marketplace with your smaller upfront offers, then position your flagship offer, and high end offers to a captive audience that you can build with the right marketing strategies. You will see that this system is a proven way to create lasting success.

It's a great idea to start with 1:1 coaching or services to get your foot in the door and build a solid reputation, but this model is not applicable in the long-term...

Why? Because there are only so many hours in a day and there are only so many clients you can serve on any given week.

It's okay to stay with the 1:1 model if you don't want to grow or scale your business but if you're set on creating true freedom in your life...

If you truly want to have full power and control over your schedule, you need to move beyond 1:1 services just like I did...
Here’s what you’ll find inside the Business Mastery Certification program:
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Business Mastery Certification is specifically designed for smart, high-achieving women who want to become industry leaders, impact millions of people with their message, and have a highly profitable business.
If you’re reading this, I know two things about you:
(1) You’re an ambitious woman and you’re looking for a way to build and sustain a dream business that will change your life and make a difference in the world.

(2) You’re probably a little worried that this is just another one of those “run- of-the-mill” programs…

If I'm right, I’m guessing you might still be on the fence about joining this program…

I hear you and I’ve been where you are right now so I’m not going to insult you by throwing a bunch of tired, motivational clichés at you!
Instead, I’m going to get straight to the heart of the matter…

Creating your dream business (one where you are not constantly chasing clients and worried about money) isn’t rocket science… it’s actually unbelievably simple.

This is a fact that a lot of experts and “gurus” will hide from you because hey…

If you figure this stuff out yourself, you’re not going to need them as much and well…their PayPal balance dries up!

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need dozens of expensive courses and you don’t need to hire 6-figure experts for every single aspect of your business…

All it takes to make that dream business a reality is for you to know what YOU want, have a strategy and plan in place on how to get there and take action to make it happen.

Because the end of a dream is the day that you stop believing that you can make it happen...

Wouldn’t you agree?

So here’s my promise to you…

No matter how much I want to, I can’t take action for you (no one can), but I promise to share what I’ve learned in my years of running an incredibly successful online business (all of the honest-to-goodness behind-the-scenes stuff and no fluff) — to make this journey IMMENSELY smoother, easier and faster for you.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel of online marketing and business to achieve success.

I’ve done that for you in this course and everything you learn has already been tested, improved, and simplified. Now I’m serving it up to you on a silver platter.

And please know that you’re not alone.

I remember how lonely I felt when I first started my business. No one IRL (In the Real World!) knew what I was going through and how I felt about my online dream and they all stared at me strangely when I started talking about email sequences and sales pages!

That’s why I’ve designed Business Mastery so you'll have help and human connection all the way…

You’ll receive my personal support, expertise and coaching of course but you’ll also be part of an incredible community of talented, committed and high-achieving women who will keep you inspired, motivated, engaged and accountable.

Women who will understand what you’re going through.

This alone is worth its weight in gold.

It took me years to discover that running a dream business online isn’t impossible…

BUT you need to take action to get there.

You can't enjoy a garden full of gorgeous flowers if you don’t do the work of planting the seeds and taking care of the seedlings.

You can't create a beautiful meal, without purchasing the ingredients and doing the work you need to do…

You can't reach your dreams and goals if you don't learn and grow…

You can’t change the world if you don’t take action.

You know it’s time…

See you inside!